A {Colorful} Crayon Birthday Party

Dare to be impressed! When we saw this colorful crayon-themed birthday party from Lindi at Love the Day we were amazed! Her daughter, Ella LOVES to COLOR so what a perfect way to celebrate with her friends than to get down and dirty and color on. Lindi is most definitely one of the sharpest crayons in the box… from the personalized party hats to the darling place settings for the kids (hello school supplies!!) to the out-of-this-world colorful crayon cake. This party didn’t miss a single beat! Lindi’s sweet mom also sewed much of the decor from her spin-off Sew Love the Day and WOW… the placemats, garland, crayon sticks, crayon pillows and tool belts/aprons were the icing on the cake.


Details, as told by Lindi:

{ACTIVITIES} The best part of throwing a Crayon Party is how simple the games and activities are to prepare for! I purchased a HUGE roll of butcher paper, taped large strips around the deck and let the kids go crazy with the markers, crayons, cut out shapes, buttons, stickers, glue sticks, felt stickers, pom poms, etc. It was a HUGE hit. The kids spent hours coloring and creating to their heart’s content. There was also play dough to be squished and a brief activity with food coloring!

{DESSERTS} I scheduled the party post-dinner time so I could serve my favorite food group,  sweets. My mom made my childhood favorite, rainbow jello, we dipped large marshmallows to make ‘color pops’ and (served) the vanilla cupcakes, the fondant toppers, the color explosion cookies and the amazing crayon cake… Each child/guest represented his/her own color. So the birthday girl who represented yellow, received a yellow cupcake, yellow color pop, a yellow-ribboned cookie, etc. The kids LOVED this and it was so fun to see them wearing their color proudly and loving their very own array of colored sweets!

This party was previously featured on Hostess with the Mostess.

Styling & Printables: Love The DayCake & Crayon Vanilla Cupcakes/One Sweet SliceFondant Toppers/Modern Luxe EventsRainbow Swirl Cookies/Wacky CookiesPillows, Wands, Aprons, Bunting, Bows, & Placemats/SEW Love The Day


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  1. What a wonderful party! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsey Browning says:

    Love it! I had already seen this one on Pinterest! would love to try, just not sure i could pull off this cute!

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