A {Pretty in Pink} Poodle Party + Printables

Sweet Isabella is a big time dog lover and for her 3rd birthday, she got to choose the theme… hence, the poodles! Keisha from Savvy Selebrations was called upon to come up with the perfect scheme for this soiree and everything from the custom printables to the pink and black animal print detail to the French elements turned out to be top dog! The custom graphic of a little girl walking a poodle (created by KingsFunk Design Studio)…completely adorable! There is no question that this was a party fit for a princess (and her poodle!)

Details, as told by Keisha:

{INVITATION & GRAPHIC DESIGN} We wanted the primary design element to be a silhouette of a little girl holding a pink poodle with an animal print dog collar.  We partnered with KingsFunk Design Studio who delivered the perfect custom illustration. As a preview of the event for guests, we created an invite, which showcased Isabella strolling through Paris with her pink poodle. The party printables we designed also included cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, party sign and a party banner to match the theme.

{DECOR} The idea for the tablescape was for the look to be simple and full of cheer. An Eiffel Tower purchased from Hobby Lobby was used as a centerpiece and was surrounded by balloons to give the event table a playful effect.

{MENU} The party food for the kids’ table included finger sandwiches, zebra monogrammed Hershey Miniatures, chocolate drizzled marshmallows, sliced apples, carrots, strawberry milkshake Oreos, cupcakes and pink lemonade. We decided to be a little adventurous and actually make the smash cake for Isabella from scratch as a special surprise. The homemade cake featured marshmallow fondant as well as a poodle fondant topper created by LCcakes.

{FAVORS} The kids loved the glass milk jar bottles that they could fill with pink lemonade and write their names on the little tag attached with Divine Twine.  As party favors, each child got to take home a little pink French poodle and a white gable box filled with snack crackers.

Love the printables!? You can download them for FREE HERE!

Smash cake, event design and planning, food, party printables/Savvy Selebrations, Custom Illustration/KingsFunk, Fondant cake topper/LCcakes, Zebra monogrammed Hershey Miniatures wraps/Favors Favors, Cupcakes/Lovell Cupcakes


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  1. Nicole Smith says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Excellent job on the Detail!

  2. Outlookemail says:

    do love the colure pink as it represents baby girl and pink is used mainly to decorate parties of the baby girl and blue is used to decorate the parties of the boy babies .I do love pink color very much.

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